Best Website to Buy 4D online conveniently and privately in Malaysia

Prize 4D Big 4D Small
🍭 1st 💸 RM3,500 💸 RM4,800
🍭 2nd 💸 RM1,200 💸 RM2,400
🍭 3rd 💸 RM 600 💸 RM1,200
🍭 10 Special 💸 RM250 each -
🍭 10 Consolation 💸 RM180 each -

4D numbers is a popular lottery draw game in Malaysia and Singapore. A 4D lottery ticket is formed from a combination of numbers from 0000 to 9999. It has a total of 10,000 different four-digit numbers. If the 4 digit numbers of your choice are revealed as the winning number in the 4D results, you win the draw. 4D Malaysia lottery shops are scattered all over the country. However, placing bets can be quite a tedious process. Not only you have to locate these shops and place your bets individually with each of these companies, but you also need to make your bets before 7 PM.

i8 also provide a number of payout companies to choose from including Magnum, Damacai, ToTo, Sandakan STC, Sararwak 4D, Sabah 4D, Singapore 4D and GD 4D. And there are a variety of 4D betting methods, such as single-character betting, round-trip betting, and package betting, etc., which are easy to use. Visit i8 blog to learn how to buy 4d online!

8 List of Trusted and Official 4D Lottery Company in Malaysia

Looking for Best Lotteries in Malaysia? This is the list of Top Best Lotteries in Malaysia. Best Lotteries near me that open 24X7. Just log in and make a deposit, you can enjoy the easy and best games on our site from the most popular providers or the biggest game providers such as:

  1. Magnum 4D
  2. Damacai 1+3D
  3. Sports Toto 4D
  4. Sandakan Turf Club (STC 4D)
  5. Sararwak Cash Sweep 4D
  6. Sabah Lotto (Sabah88 4D)
  7. Singapore 4D
  8. GD Grand Dragon Lotto 4D (Cambodia)

10 Most Popular Online 4D lottery Online Website in Malaysia

In 2022, you can choose a trusted online 4D Betting site such as i8 which has best services yet provide higest price structure payout 100% without charge. Of course, feel free to compare others 4D online betting website as below:-

  1. 12Play17 4D
    One of the popular betting website in Malaysia.
    - BIG 1st Price MYR 2,500.00 + MYR 250
    - SMALL 1st Price MYR 3,500.00 + MYR 350
  2. EU9 4D
    Fast cash in & out withing 60s.
    - BIG 1st Price MYR 3,400.00
    - SMALL 1st Price MYR 4,800.00
  3. 4DNo
    First bet promotion, all in win all.
    - BIG 1st Price MYR 2,875.00
    - SMALL 1st Price MYR 4,025.00
    One of the most popular game providers in recent times, arguably one of the demand platform
    - BIG 1st Price MYR 2,875.00
    - SMALL 1st Price MYR 4,025.00
  5. M4D
    One of the most popular game providers in recent times, arguably one of the demand platform
    - BIG 1st Price MYR 2,875.00
    - SMALL 1st Price MYR 4,025.00
  6. WinBox
    Play Lottery games on Android gadget.
    - BIG 1st Price MYR 3,300.00
    - SMALL 1st Price MYR 4,500.00
  7. i8Buy4D
    Various betting game including casino, sportsbook & 4D lotter.
    - BIG 1st Price MYR 3,500.00
    - SMALL 1st Price MYR 4,800.00
    Kiss4d is a 1 stop 4D online platform for all customer.
  9. Beli Ekor
    Buy the full range of Sports Toto products (Toto 4D, Toto 4D Jackpot, Toto 4D Zodiac,Toto 5D, Toto 6D, Star Toto 6/50, Power Toto 6/55 and Supreme.
  10. 4D13
    provide common 4D betting in Malaysia like Toto, Damacai, Damacai, Perdana 4D, Grand Dragon
    - BIG 1st Price MYR 3,200.00
    - SMALL 1st Price MYR 4,300.00

Highest 4D odds in the industry, up to 8200

i8 offers the industry's highest odds. The 1st prize for big bet odds is at 3400 and small bet odds are at 4800. You can check out the table below for more details and go to iLOTTERY to place your bets.

  4D 3D 5D 6D
1st 3,400 4,800 4A:8,000 280 3A:840 15,000 105,000
2nd 1,200 2,400 4B:8,000 280 3B:840 5,000 3,000
3rd 600 1,200 4C:8,000 280 3C:840 3,000 300
Spec / 4th 250   4D:800   3D:84 500 30
Con / 5th 80   4E:800   3E:84 20 4
6th   4F:2,666.67   5  

GD Lotto Winning Prize (Grand Dragon 4D)

i8 now offers you a chance to bet with Grand Dragon 4D Lottery! Also known as GD Lotto, it provides safe, modern lottery games and is the first and biggest 4D lotto provider in Asia. i8 provides a channel for our players to access Grand Dragon 4D’s secure live lottery games on our app.

There are multiple ways to play - but all methods involve generating a 4-digit number either by yourself or with a computer, deciding on big or small forecasts, and finally deciding on your bet amount. All results will be generated live with word-class streaming. It is available to be viewed from the main casino lobby online, ensuring full transparency.

  B S 4A 3D ABC
1st Prize 2,500 3,500 4A:6,000 3A:660 220
2nd Prize 1,000 2,000 4B:6,000 3B:660 220
3rd Prize 500 1,000 4C:6,000 3C:660 220
Starters 200   4D:600 3D:66  
Consolations 60   4E:600 3E:66  
6th Prize     4F:2,000    

9 Lotto Payout

  B S 4A A ABC 2D 2ABC 6D
Prize 1 3,000 4,000 4A:7,000 3A:720 240 80 26.66 100,000
Prize 2 1,000 2,000 4B:7,000 3B:720 240   26.66 3,000
Prize 3 500 1,000 4C:7,000 3C:720 240   26.66 300
Special 200   4D:700 3D:72       30
Consolations 60   4E:700 3E:72       4
Prize 6     4F:2,333.33          

Lottery Games


What is 4D?
4D lottery draw can be any four-digit numbers ranging from 0000 to 9999. Through different rules and gameplays, once your selected numbers match with the numbers from 4D results, you win. During each lottery drawing day, 23 groups of numbers will be drawn and they will be segregated into 5 different bonus groups. 3 groups of numbers will be selected as the 1st prize, 2nd prize, and 3rd prize. 10 groups of numbers are chosen as the special prizes and another 10 are picked as consolation prizes. There are two lottery betting methods which are called the big bet and the small bet.
Big bet.
The minimum amount required to buy the big bet is RM1. If you choose to make a bet, you stand a chance to win if your numbers appear in any of the 5 bonus groups, which are, first prize, second prize, third prize, special prize, and consolation prize. In other words, there is a higher chance you would win if you buy the big bet.
Small bet.
The minimum amount to bet on the small bet is also RM1. Although the chances of winning the draw are much lower, the cash prize amount is relatively higher. Small bet only has 3 bonus groups, which are the 1st prize, 2nd prize, and 3rd prize.
How can you find the latest 4D results in Malaysia?
4D lotto is drawn every Wednesday, Saturday, and Sunday. Sometimes, Magnum 4D has a special drawing day on Tuesday. You can play the draw as many times as you like in a week. This is also why lottery games like Damacai and Toto 4D are popular in countries like Malaysia and Singapore. So, where can the players check for the latest 4D lotto results? Just by simply browsing the betting websites, players can easily obtain the latest 4D lotto results.
Malaysian 4D and Singaporean 4D.
Results are released at 7pm, and it is updated every Wednesday, Saturday, and Sunday. Besides that, there are also special draws for the Malaysian lottery.
For Singaporean Toto.
Results are released at 6.50pm. The drawing day is every Monday and Thursday.
Can I buy a lottery ticket online?
Lotto(lottery) is one of the greatest opportunities that can make you rich overnight. Although the lottery may not be the best investment and has a certain kind of risk, your winning chance is quite probable. Besides that, the cash prizes that you won is enough to change your life. This is why people are always buying lottery at lottery companies.
With the advanced development of technology, you can now enjoy buying lottery online. Some even offer instant-win games with exciting cash prizes!
Besides buying lottery online, you can also receive some extra promotions on the online lottery site. If you are a player that wants to earn more, or you wish to buy a 4D lottery from the comforts of your home, then online lottery sites are your best options!